Architects Consultancy

An Architect is a person who play an important role in the building industry. The
Building Industry is in the sector which is always advancing in various sectors. It is
also a key factor in the development of any city or moreover any country hence, it is
an ever reforming segment. There are various parts of the building industry viz.
infrastructure development, urban development, and other construction activities.The
common thread connecting all these factors of the building industry is Real Estate. If
we try to define Real Estate then it may be termed as- A property with land, it is a
constructed building, and natural resources present on site. Thus all the components
of the building industry are ultimately converted into Real Estate.Real Estate
developments happen via builders or developers who aspire to convert a particular
property into a building that will ultimately give an income and profit. Property may or
may not be owned by the developer but they are majorly responsible for the financial
and legal aspect of the project. The overall strategy to be executed for the
development of the project and requirements are finalized by real estate developers
along with the client. This is where the role of Architects comes into the picture and
that plays a vital role in converting this vision into reality.An Architect has well-
versed knowledge about buildings and their construction. He understands the utility
of the property in a very proper way and that is always very important for the actual
development of the property. An Architect knows the typology and has thorough
knowledge about the use of the typology to be proposed and constructed. With the
quality of vision along with creativity and imagination, an Architect can always guide
the client or developer in the right direction. Thus, involving architects from the early
stage of development is a sensible decision for proper development of the property
in the Real Estate Industry.


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